A therapeutic riding center for sensitive souls.


Riding friends 250 

Conscious Rider is a riding center for people looking for a gentle place to learn to ride and train.  We are also a non-profit riding center for children and adults living with autism, trauma and PTSD.









What do we offer at Conscious Rider:

Horse Riding in Nature – 550 acres of it.  We give instructional rides in old, old pecan groves, running creeks that we walk through.  We see animals like deer, wild turkey, amadillo, owls, hawks.  We ride on hills, meadows, woods, groves and of course experience thousands of wild flowers in spring.  

COOL shady trails

 Conscious Rider Methods:

Conscious Rider Method - Placing our bones correctly on the horse making us safe, while creating an intuitive bond.

Equine Assisted Integrative Psychotherapy - Integrating mental challenge into everyday life, using tools we learn with horses.

Horsemanship – Learning to work with horses on the ground, using ancient and modern training techniques.

Horse Whispering – Horse language in the physical sense and horse language in the psychic sense.  Animal Communication, reflexology, T-Touch, horse massage, medical Assisted Program and other healing modalities.

Conscious Rider Method  explained 

Conscious Rider Method – teaches us to position our bones and body correctly on our horse – creating union with our horse which feels effortless and joyful.   This method promotes an empathic approach to our life and oursleves.  

Horsemanship explained

Using methods like Conscious Trainer we are teaching you to train your horse using his/her language.  We pull from Carolyn Resnick, Monty Roberts, Pat Parelli and others.  We use horse language to establish yourself as it’s trusted friend and leader.  It’s easy when you know how and once your relationship as leader is made  training is an easier process.

‘Stressful energy arises when we think some future moment is more important than the present moment and the doing becomes only a means to an end.’

- Eckhart Tolle



life size painting of horse Freedom (all proceeds go to non-profit Conscious Rider)

Mission Statement

Heal ourselves and others – knowing the source of all things –  through horses, humans and nature.

Conscious Rider:


Equine Assisted Integrative Psychotherapy E.A.I.P.

with Dr. Pat Koch PhD and Kate Turner Mays (Director/Owner)

Horsemanship, Instructional Trail Rides

coaches Kate Turner Mays/Ramsie/Mena/Celine

Equine Assisted Intergration  E.A.I.

with Kate Turner Mays

Horse Boy Method (TM)

with Kate Turner Mays and our fabulous volunteers

English Hunter Jumper/Dressage/Western 

 and Ramsie/Kate/Mena/Celine


   Enlightened Trick Training

     Willy and ranch hand Jessie

Cheryl backriding Back riding with Cheryl

   Kate relaxing 

About Kate Turner Mays.

I started Conscious Rider 13 years ago with one student, she is a profound energetic healer and I loved teaching riding with the onus on energy and sensitivity.   Being a professional artist and painting every day surrounded by my horses on the ranch here, I started to incorporate my love of being in the Right Brain Mode into my riding as I realized I felt the same presence with the horses as I do painting. So I started to teach riding from this wonderful place of flow and acceptance and found the horses helped me teach this because they live like this most of the time!  I come from a classical riding background in England.  I was three day eventing which involved dressage, jumping and lots of galloping and fox hunting with the Hambledon Hursely which involved even bigger jumps, and much more galloping at the age of 11 in Hampshire and had the great priviledge of having ponies and horses during my childhood.  With horse shows in the summers and hunting in the winter months.  However, I wanted to know a more natural way with horses so when I moved to New York and then Texas I immediately got into Holistic Horsemanship and incorporated it into my love of Classical Riding.

After 20 years of studying and transforming my own life from mostly stress to mostly peace, I have put together by teaching a way of clicking into the Right Side of the Brain by using these riding techniques.I have been able to make sense of what I now believe is the only way for me to live, mostly to be on the Right side of my brain the part that access’s consciousness that is calm that feels and sees the love around and inside all things.  That is present.

At Conscious Rider we  all learn how to BE and how to ride well by putting our focus on the internal as well as the external.  Externally to be aware of all our senses and to put our bones in the right place, (Sally Swifts Centered Riding) by using visualization, confidence building techniques and transformative breathing techniques from my years of doing various yoga techniques (I am a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher).  This goes for everyone on and off the autistic spectrum.

  Muscle Testing before a session 

If you wish to DONATE.   


Conscious Rider is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

  The amazing trainer and his wife Sue Allen Pogue taught us

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    Studying in UK


Charity Tax Exempt # EIN 45-3833587

Conscious Rider is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. 


One weeks NOTICE or session is on you.  

24 HOURS NOTICE for illness any less time and session is on you.




Conscious Rider is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.



The Kids Are Alright Fest

WoW!! we just had a most loving and moving experience at TKAAF with 100’s of hipsters, skating and gaming peeps and all these amazing kid and adult musicians – all in some way or other donated to our cause.  We are still receiving checks and as it is now we have the money to:

Buy two Christ Saddles from Germany (they have waved the postal fee)

These are the best therapy saddles out there for our needs I am soooo excited.  We will all use of them as they build core stregth, connect us to horses energetically and physically via their erganomic design and the piles of sheep skin help us stay on out in the trails.

We have so much tack we need and bits of this and that to make things safer and easier, daisy reins (stop Willy and Cherry eating grass now the Spring is here) nice girths for the horses so they don’t get pinched.  Bigger wheel barrow with tyres that don’t puncture etc

Once I buy what we need I will post all we spent on what so that everyone donating can see where their money goes to.

I am so very grateful…

Just to explain how it used to work here when we needed money for ongoing education and tack etc – I would raise money by selling my paintings and then put what would be my wages back into the business from the full paying Conscious Rider students for Classical riding and sessions for EAGALA and Horseboy Therapies.  It seemed allot easier that way but tax season is upon us and I needed to save for the taxes when I was lucky enough to meet with a business woman who advised me to stop putting my ‘wages’ money back into the biz and fund raise.  So thanks to Band Aid School of music and TKAAF – the funds we needed for the saddles and other essentials has been raised, I’m so touched and grateful.


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