Mission Statement Conscious Connection to Love through horses.


Three.Quater.HorsesBuy a signed print of this 5×6 painting $750 and raise money for CR  


$290 Per Month

Includes: Everything in Vet Care (see below) Everything in Hoof Care (see below) Everything in Feed Care (see below)  



$ 190 Per Month

Includes: Everything in Vet Care (see below) Everything in Hoof Care (see below)



$150 Per Month

Includes: Check-ups Coggins Tests Dental Medications Health Certificates Semi Annual Vaccinations Joint Injections per vet request Chiropractor Joint and muscle work  


$ 100 Per Month

Includes: Alfalfa Hay Supplements Horse Feed per horse’s needs Coastal Hay (both square and round bales)  


$ 40 Per Month

Includes: Natural Trimming every 6 weeks

  Something About Kate Turner Mays cc.kate.smiling.sm.200 Founder Conscious Rider Consciousness is the peace we can feel when truly centered on a horse.  I pray to stay in this for longer and longer on and off horses.   I attempt to share this sense of peace by sharing it.  Since 1986 I have been working 24/7 passionate about continuing to heal my own ‘shadow work’ with 12 step recovery, yoga, prayer, meditation and service. Early Days and horses: My brother getting ‘most promising young hunter of the year – (had to put this one in – sorry P!) I have been enchanted with horses since I was two.  I learnt to ride classical english.  At 11 I was fox hunting with my family on my first love, Sir Percival Pink, a strawberry roan  brave pony.  We ran with the Hambeldon Hursley Fox Hunt, Hampshire England and we were obsessed with it.  Hunting filled my life with many horses and happy – tho death defying – memories. My uncle (below) has just stepped down at 73 as Master of the Silverton Fox Hunt Devon having been Master for the past three decades. uncleAndy.Master My mother training a championship horse  Our house (UK) Levard, came second in The Horse of the Year Show, at Wembly, two years in a row, competing with the likes of Princess Ann It wasn’t till I got Freedom in 2000 (my first American horse) when I married and moved to Austin Tx that it occured to me that horses could be more then just practicle.  I learnt the wonders of natural horsemanship (met and or worked with Monty Roberts, Pat Perrelli and his wife) and apply it now to the classical way I was trained. I fell into teaching classical riding and horsemanship upon arrival in Austin in 2000.  Centered Riding is a genius way to teach both.  Invented by Sally Swift – it mixes classical with Alexander Tecnnique.  I mix that with Kundalini yoga techniques – I am a qualified teacher and what I practiced as a Buddhist for 12 years. Then my friends Rupert Kristen and Rowan (HorseBoy (TM)) encouraged me to look into HorseBoy Method (TM).  Kindly trained me and sent some boys and girls on the spectrum and needed horse therapy over to us – thus starting my transformation from Horsemanship to Therapeutic Horsemanship. Horse Boy (TM) and all my Special needs children and adults are angels of light and fill me with awe and joy.  My heart is so moved after sessions sometimes, because of the purity of a simple thing said or done. These moments mark my soul. Equine Assisted Integration Since 2007 I started to talk with and work with Dr. Pat Koch and we have developed a specialized horse therapy E.A.I.P. Equine Assisted Integrative Psychotherapy is an incredible therapeutic tool.  The horses reflect back what we don’t see and it is something that stays in ones mind for years after,  helping us with change and growth.  This type of therapy is especially great for those of us that may not gel with ‘talk’ therapy especially teens or frazzled parents and anyone with attachment disorder it is amazing.  I worked with horses when I was recovering from my own PTSD symtoms and it worked so well for me.  Honored and excited to be able to help others by working with Dr. Pat Koch, psychotherapist and myself a professional horse woman with over 3000 hours of professional horse and rider hours and hundereds of therapy hours.  We work with corporations to help with team building, recovering addicts, teens on the verge of something not so good, parents of special needs children, anyone on the autistic spectrum esp. teenagers, anger managment, teen womens’ groups and more. A professional artist since for 28 years Life size painting.Three.Quater.Horses          My husband and I in our old band mrandmrsmays  James produces festivals owns a music school Band Aid School of Music  and like me has a non-profit A Chance To Rock.