Kate Turner Mays founder of Conscious Rider in 2000 and Austin Riding and Therapy Center in 2015  is also a professional ……
……Animal Psychic I can see what’s going on (clairvoyant),  feel (clairsentient), and hear (clairaudient).
Readings rely on the space that is created between the practitioner and recipient; the more open both parties are to being guided, the better the information.

    www.shetalkstoanimals.com    I have been doing psychic animal readings professionally for 10 years.  I have trained and practiced over the years to see images that animals send to each other.  If you need help with an animal please press HERE  Special Links  I am on the directory for spiritual and faith resources for Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance  an organization for animals and humans affected by malignant mesothelioma using faith healing and animal communication. Species Link another directory for Communication with animals, the only magazine of it’s kind in the world and all about the love of animals and their ability to help us know more about ourselves. 

Proverbs 12:10
‘The righteous man regards the life of his beast.’