Conscious Connection to Love through:




 Dr.Koch PhD and Kate Turner Mays  

Conscious Connection to Love through Horses:

Co-facilitate groups where horses teach us to remember LOVE and how to re-direct more Love into our lives


If you are  recovering from and healing with:

PTSD, SPA, Trauma and Abuse, ADHA, Anxiety, Depression, Social Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Anger Management, OCD, Bi-Polar, Aspergers and being on the Autistic spectrum.  

    What is Consciously Connecting to Love through Horses using Equine Assisted Integration?

Equine Assisted Intergration (EAI) The horse acts as a large biofeedback machine, providing clients and the therapist with information regarding the client’s moods and changes within those moods. If a client arrives anxious the horse will act and respond one way. If the client is able to reduce his or her anxiety, the horse’s behaviors will also change. This provides a plethora of information and skill building opportunities for both the client and the therapist.
What is Trauma Focused E.A.I.?
E.A.I.  is guided by TWO facilitators.  One, Dr. Pat Koch PhD,  psychotherpist and mental health professional and Kate Turner Mays Holistic and Energetic Equine Specialist with over 5000 hours of professional horsemanship.  Between us we have 50 years of horse experience and 40 years of professional and personal mental health work.

  About Dr.Koch PhD Psychotherapist

I have over 30 years of experience in working with children and families. I have worked as a preschool teacher, child development researcher, college and university instructor, mental health professional, and clinical supervisor of group programs for preschool and school-aged children. I have presented at national conferences, published articles in national journals, and authored a chapter in a book on collaborative family therapy. Throughout my career, I have volunteered with organizations that advocate for building and supporting healthy families and individuals. 12 years horse riding experience, working with horses energetically. “I see therapy as a collaborative process  in which the therapist guides and empowers each person  to be effective in their lives  and successfully meet their goals.” Dr.Pat Koch About Kate Turner Mays Owner and Director of Conscious Rider   

Over 35 years of riding horses inc. three day eventing/hunting on horse back/dressage/show jumping/horsemanship.  Care for and work with four horses at Conscious Rider. Over 3,500 hours of therapy. Sober since 1989 and working a 12 step recovery. “I believe I am here to connect myself and others to the Source of Love .” Kate Turner Mays – Founder of Conscious Rider   

The T.F.-E.A.P.Model

  • The Team Approach – An Equine Specialist, a Mental Health professional, and horses work together with clients in all sessions
  • Focus on the ground – All sessions are on the ground with horses (no mounted work)
  • The primary focus is on making the relationship with the horse the most important thing.  Rather than instructing or directing solutions, we allow our clients to experiment, problem-solve, take risks, employ creativity, and find their own solutions that work best for them.
  • Code of Ethics – EA.P. has a code of ethics, and has a standard of professionalism and ethics.

The T.F.-E.A.P. Team

  • The Horse:  Horses have many characteristics which lend them to being effective agents of change, including honesty, awareness, and ability with nonverbal communication.  The role of the horses in a E.A.I.P./E.A.I. session is to be themselves.
  • The Equine Specialist (ES):  The ES chooses the horses to be used in sessions, works with the MH to develop activities, keeps an equine log to document horse behaviors in sessions, stays aware of safety and welfare of clients, horses, and team, and makes observations of horses which can bring in potential metaphors.
  • The Mental Health Professional (MH):  The MH is responsible for treatment planning, documentation of clients, and ensuring ethical practice.  The MH builds on the ES’s horse observations, bringing in the metaphoric and therapeutic/learning relevance of the session.

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PRICES Equine Assisted Integrative Psychotherapy E.A.P.  with Dr. Pat Koch PhD (Mental Health Professional) and Kate Turner Mays (Horse Specialist): $240                     Two with One                                                75 minutes $250                     Workshops                                                6 hours Equine Assisted Integration E.A.I.  with Kate Turner Mays (Equine Specialist):  $120                     One to One                                                1 hour   $200                     One to One                                                90 minutes   $210                    Workshops                                                 6 hours PACKAGES We recommend completing the 6 to 10 week courses to get the most out of your healing. To help you do this we can offer a reduction if you can buy the packages. 6 week package  T.F.-E.A.Psychotherapy with Dr.Pat Koch and Kate Turner Mays $1,320 ( a savings of $120) 6 week package T.F.-E.A.Intergration with Kate Turner Mays $660 (a savings of $60)     10 week package  T.F.-E..A.Psychotherapy  with Dr.Pat Koch and Kate Turner Mays $2200 (a savings of $200) 10 week package T.F.- E.A.Intergration with Kate Turner Mays $1100 (a savings of $100)





7 DAYS NOTICE or session is on you.  

24 HOURS NOTICE for illness any less time and session is on you.