“The brain responds to nature and beautiful views reducing stress and supporting the Immune System.” Dr.Betermans’ years of scientific investigation The Horse Boy Rowan and his mummy and daddy

“Steiner said that when we see a child with an “abnormality” and we immediately want to “fix” him, trying to get rid of the “abnormality,” we in fact are both not learning the lesson s/he brings, and might just be driving out a fragment of genius.”
Our 550 acres of green belt is full of wild animals deer – hawks – owls who we see regularly, 300 year old pecan trees old woodland, young woodland and a creek which we walk through and walk beside.  All of this brings a great deal of relaxation, pleasure and gives a welcome break from the sometimes stress of being a child on the spectrum.  The oxytocin released from the movement of the horses and the connection with the horses adds to their feeling of well being.  Added to this we sing and connect with our hearts and socialize with each child.  Each session we teach gently how to ride so that they have a loving, fun and social hobby, which can last a life time.
 Mason on cherry with Don Quioxti  

We use Compassionate Communication (NVC), silence, deep listening whilst out in nature to deepen the experience.

We use the Carole Tuttle ‘energy types’ to help us support each client according to their personality traits.

We know about triggering and the carpman drama triangle roles and can talk children down from whatever role they may be enacting thus bringing them back to earth and the ride.

The benefits of riding a horse in nature just once a week can:

Reduce Stress considerably

Help with concentration

Open up ability to commune with oneself and others

Know consciousness (or God) through the breeze, the horse, the trees, the wholistic experience

Create new brain pathways that allow and encourage peace and gentleness

Support the Immune System

Create seretonin and oxytocin = Joy


I am certified in The Horse Boy Method™  and am blessed with the opportunity to help people diagnosed with neurological conditions to communicate through horses.  Check out this inspiring video with Rupert.





EQUINE  Assisted INTEGRATIVE THERAPY It may seem less like therapy and more like play, but Equine Assisted Integrative Therapy really can help those with physical and mental challenges. While there is little controlled research on the subject, physical therapists progress notes, as well as reports from physicians, teachers, and parents testify to its benefits. These benefits include improved respiration, circulation, balance, and body metabolism along with greater muscle strength and agility. The warmth and motion of the horse mimicking that of the human body can also reduce muscle spasticity in the legs, back, neck and arms. Mounting, dismounting and grooming are also useful in enhancing range of motion. Psychosocial benefits reported are improvements in self-esteem, self-image, and interpersonal skills. Many patients also become more outgoing and autistic children have been known to communicate spontaneously for the first time with a horse! The recreational nature of this program allows a source of hope for people who are differently abled. They can leave the standard clinical setting and enjoy an independence they never thought would be available to them. While on a horse they are “normal”, able to leave the bonds of their differently abled minds and bodies…they know a new freedom!



Horse and Nature Therapy  Our riding environment is tranquil and huge we ride on 1700 acres of cacti, large pecan growves of over 100 years and more, a creek winds all the way through it, in the spring wild flowers are in their thousands, followed by the butterflys in the summer that also, come in their thousands, to shouts of glee from the children when we have them land on us and fly around us.  We attempt to make Conscious Rider a gentle place to learn about the love of horses and their gift to us.  All my volunteers take time before sessions to get quiet and connect mind, body and spirit.  The children pick up on this, as do most people, creating a feeling of safety and  joy. The focus is on enjoyment, we achieve this by being gentle, efficient and fun.


Our volunteer and coach Lindsey is on Smart Girls a programme about girls who are changing the world by being themsleves – interviewed by Amy Poehler yes that Amy from Parks and Recreation!
Lindsey is talking about the HorseBoy Method (TM) and  our Conscious Rider Techniques we use here for children and adults on the Autistic Spectrum.



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