Since 2000

Horse Back Riding Sessions  We are situated on a soulful, peaceful  550 acres, we learn to ride top-of-the-line horses and enjoy the land at the same time. 

Our Philosophy – We want children to ride in nature, be free and have fun on well trained, educated and experienced horses.  

Our Horses – Three times a week we lunge the horses and work them in-hand in ‘Stress-Free Dressage’.   This is a HorseBoy (TM) technique which engages thier brains and helps build a strong, loving connection between trainer and horse.

Adults – Also learn whilst riding out on the land.  However, we do spend more time on the lunge line in our all-weather arena learning to walk, trot and canter to music.  You learn to energetically connect with yourself and the horse while using Sally Swift’s ‘four basics’.  You can then progress to Dressage moves such as side-pass, travers and spanish walk.  

Half Hour $45 (Kate $60)

One Hour $65  (Kate $80)

Riding friends 250

Therapy  Children and adults on the autistic spectrum, learning to communicate on many levels through horses. We love the stress free Dressage Horseboy (TM) method and Conscious Rider method.

Equine Assisted Integration: Consciously Connecting to Love through horses – Learning emotional intelligence through horses. Working with children and adults with ptsd, resolving anger issues and life lessons.




Equine Specialist and Horsemanship coaches We have over 2000 hours of professional coaching hours each.

Mission Statement

Conscious Connection to Love, through horses.


Things you can  learn at Conscious Rider:

How to be safe on horses.
How to have fun on horses by learning to walk, trot, canter and even jump and some dressage.
Perrelli Techniques. 
How to care for your horses if you’re goal is to eventually have one of your own someday.
Horsemanship (reflectology T-Tellington Techniques)
Trail Riding Skills. Dressage. Jumping in the arena and out in the park. 

Training your horse in Stress Free Dressage will be available when I am fully trained (Horseboy (TM) is running excellent courses and lessons in Elgin).



The Horses:
Our horses are our family horses when they aren’t teaching and doing therapy – we are riding them as a family, i.e. not green or bored, but well trained in most horse abilities and interested in their lives and loved.              


Prints of this painting by Kate (CR founder) available – all proceeds go to Conscious Rider LLC


Enlightened Trick Training      Willy and ranch hand Jessie Cheryl backriding Back riding with Cheryl   Muscle Testing before a session 


Conscious Rider is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

  The amazing trainer Allen Pogue and his wife Sue taught us Enlightened Trick Training Red Horse Ranch in Dripping Springs.

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    Studying in UK